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  • Parish Church of St. Blaise

    Construction of the parish church began in1876. The cornerstone was blessed by the senior priest of the area, Rev. Mato Štuk, the parish priest of Orebić. Earlier, on the same location was a small church of St. John, and even earlier, a small chapel of St. Nicholas.  

  • Church of St. Stephen

    Many times rebuilt/restored, the church (chapel) of St. Stephen, at Janjina’s cemetery, is still being used today. Although the earliest historical records of it are from the year 1222 AD, the church is considerably older than that. 

  • Ducal Palace

    In 1465, the government of the Republic of Dubrovnik built the so-called “Knežev dvor” (Ducal Palace), with the Republic’s Coat of Arms and the statue of its patron saint -- St. Blaise, on its facade.

  • Maritime Heritage

    If we take a walk through Janjina and Popova Luka we can see by the architecture of some of the buildings that their former owners and residents were old sea captains and ship owners.

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